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I never did business with Apmex until recently. I was looking through the Morgan Silver Dollars.

I saw a PCGS Graded 1895-O which is a top coin and mint mark. I think I saw it on E-bay or Amazon but after purchasing this coin at a really nice price I was waiting for a customer review. Never seeing it I then waited and received the coin however it was in a cheap plastic flip and not the PCGS Case as described. As a matter of fact I even got the authenticity # and had it verified because the price was so low.

I called and explained it was advertised as PCGS graded and that I even had the authentication number cleared on the PCGS website. Then the clerk said Oh no you ordered this other coin. We went in circles and I asked for a manager. Same deal the coin with the PCGS is a few thousand more.

I explained I ordered the Graded coin and by Law you have to oblige what you advertise. There must have been smoke coming out the other end of her phone by now. Then I told her let me tell you I looked this coin over and it looks like a counterfeit. I have collected for years and my eye is trained first as a hunter then in the Military Vietnam and then as a Radiologist.

She assured me they have an onsite Numismatist on site. I thought how convenient. That's why grading companies don't sell because of a conflict of interest. My wife saw I was going back to Nam and calmed me down.

I told her my son is, and he is an Attorney General and if this coin is a counterfeit even if you bought it not knowing it was but sold it, much like Hillary Clinton's emails, ignorance of the Law will not justify your case unlike Killary. Later on I was looking the coin over and found their Numismatist must be a fat slob because I saw a few mg's of egg yoke from an egg McMuffin on the coin under the microscope and the detail even for a Counterfeit is terrible. I saw air holes from the first press of the rounds. The serrations were beaded and many ID's for counterfeit sprung up like red flags.

APMEX the place to get Bait and Switched and a little yoke on the side. I could just picture this guy with a fat gut slobbering his MCD while evaluating coins- EEEHHHHWWW. Very Professional Business. They said they would return my money if I send it back.

Now they will be praying that I send it back but it's evidence now. They could have gotten out of the weeds had they just switched to the original but greed consumed them.. Just watch I'm dropping the hammer on these people.

Mjolnir will fly. They F'd with a Viking.

Review about: Apmex Coin.

Reason of review: Bait and Switch tactic..

Preferred solution: Live up to the advertised Graded Coin. Grade your coins off site. It's a conflict of interest and no matter what you say don't call me a liar because I ordered the Graded Coin and by law what you advertise you have to stick to that product or equivalent..

I didn't like: Pricing scam, Run around.

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It's spelled "yolk", wingnut.


How could anyone say this story wasn't helpful ?

They probably do not understand the intricacies of coin collecting.

I'd bet that you were a coin collector first.

I was born to coins and everything else followed.

Discouraging that dealerships still pull this act. Vote with your wallet and thanks for the heads-up.

Montello, Nevada, United States #1269448

WELLLLL???? what was the outcome?

Did you drop the hammer,

LOL! I was in country 18 months before I got hurt a little bit

but I didn't " drop the hammer" on anyone.... I'll bet APMEX is

glad you didn't let go of that old hammer! Go get em tiger!

Viking, my ***......

btw was your mos 300? or were you a cook?

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